Way Back Wednesday!

Introducing…. Way back Wednesday! (Check out the link to learn more about this fun mini series!) You’ve heard of shout out Sunday and throwback Thursday… But I like Wednesday. It’s a cool day. What day is it?! Hump day!!! So this is a mini post about a funny story recalled from my past and this one is shared with my friend Cassie. Cassie is a mom (hey hot mama!!) and a bartender. She’s super sassy and I dig her a lot. But when we go out, two pretty girls get attention. However, we can make a man look dumb as fuck and I love it.

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(Meet the way gorgeous Cassie <3)

So this story is brought to you by Wings Bar and Grille. Wings has an inside bar and outside patio bar. It’s a hole in the wall, but a hotspot for the area it’s located in. I “dated” (and I use that term lightly) a bartender there so I spent many a night hanging out at Wings. You don’t have to remind me how cool I am, I already know. Anyway, Cassie joined me this night and we’re having a great time. Hell yeah, shots! And then… We’re surrounded. Way drunk dudes trying to mack and it’s     just     not     cute. So Cassie and I had just gotten off work, and we’re still in uniform and to be honest, still a little dirty from the day. But I have tattoos that are supposed to be covered at work, that were currently showing.

*Let me just insert, my tattoos are mainly for myself and if you compliment them, that’s cool. But do not try to use your shitty tribal work to impress me. I’ve spent a lot of $$ on the tattoos I have now and your basement work isn’t the best I’ve ever seen. End rant.*

So this guy is showing me his tattoos, and I can’t remember if it was a tribal piece or a sun or what it was. But it was old and needed touched up, and he was just really annoying us. So my clever little Cassie realized she had black on her finger from a dry erase marker. When the dude wouldn’t shut up, she rubbed her finger on his tattoo. Keep in mind, he’s drunk and so are his buddies. She showed him her finger and within two minutes we had this guy convinced that his tattoo was rubbing off and that we didn’t believe it was real. Finally…. FINALLY…. Dude gets the hint and walks down the bar and away from us. The night was chill again, and we laughed it off.

Then all of the events of the evening were topped off by what we saw next. This guy is surrounded by his friends, all licking their fingers and rubbing his tattoos. I’m pretty sure he was emotionally disturbed by what happened. And we died. What a fucking  tool!

Guys, just don’t. Learn body language, use smoke signals, whatever it takes for you to get it through your thick skulls that not every girl at the bar wants you to hit on them. And once you learn that while you’re sober, learn the signs when you’re drunk as a skunk. Don’t make me or Cassie have to make you look like a complete fucking idiot. Because we aren’t sassy just because, and definitely are not afraid to do so. 😉

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Thank you, my beautiful friend Cassie, for partying the nights away with me.


“It helps if you remember that everyone is doing their best from their level of consciousness.” – Deepak Chopra

…is drunk a level of consciousness…? Haha!!
Peace Out Dudes.

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