Three Men and a Little Lady

This sassy story isn’t as sassy as it could be. I know, boring. But it’s real life to me and it’s one of the highlight from my single bar adventures. Keep in mind, we’re learning about each other… Well you’re learning about me. 🙂

So when my thoughts started getting more detailed about this blog, like where I’d go and what I’d write about, I decided to pick a hometown bar to hang out at. One that was chill and not too far from my apartment. A friend recommended King’s Table. I went to King’s by myself the first time, again with her, and I keep going back almost every time I go out. I don’t get hit on (okay, every so often I do, but the men aren’t the worst I’ve ever dealt with) and the service is AMAZING. Has to be the best team of bartenders I’ve ever had serve me and I’ve thought that since day one, the owner is even there as often and more than I am and he’s an awesome dude to talk to. At King’s the have pool tables (err obvs. I mean it is called King’s Table for a reason), and the also have dart boards. So I’ve never played real darts, never tried to learn it, and never thought I would play it. That all changed when I met 3 really cool guys. *Disclaimer: Names have been changed at the request of the guys. Not because it matters, but because they’re goofs. You’ll see.

Okay, so you can put me on creeper status, but the bar was dead and these guys were playing darts. I was watching them in attempts to maybe understand what was going on, I learn better by watching than being taught. But instead, I did the awkward “shit, they’re looking — look away Kara!” for a good hour or so. Of course they noticed… (These guys notice way more than most I expected, like the fact that I wore the same brand of shirt two hang outs in row.) And that’s when Phrank invited me to play darts with them. I did the shy and nervous No, I’m okay I don’t know how to play anyway. Not because I was shy or nervous, but because I didn’t want to send the wrong signals. Usually when I go out of my way to have conversation with dudes it’s seen as me trying to hook up. I mean that’s generally not my goal, but what else is there to think about a sassy single girl? It’s cool, know I’m cute.

Back on topic….

So Phrank told me just to come over… And I did. (Happy history being made right now). Here I meet Squigglebottoms (name requested, I’ll call him SB) and Randall (again, requested). And you know what they did? Taught me how to play darts. We joked a little, played a few rounds of darts, and just chilled. Of course, I sucked, but they were really cool about it and told me I was doing alright for a newbie. They all also vape. If you don’t know what it means to vape, it’s using e-cigarettes for the most basic description. But they came outside to give me a real cigarette smoke break. When it was getting late and we were playing our last game SB and Phrank exchanged phone numbers with me and said we should hang again. And that was it. They didn’t make me feel uncomfortable or awkward. And when I got a text to hang out again I was pumped. Strangers turned friends, nothing more. The last two years have been rough when it comes to me making just friends. Other than the people I work with, these three dudes are my friends that I wanna hang with.

Even better than this, for the few weeks we’ve been hanging Randall, Phrank, and SB have all been talking to me about quitting smoking and trying vaping. I’ve questioned them all, tried their devices (mods) and flavors, and thought long and hard about what I want to do. I finally visited the place Randall manages and Phrank works at and got hooked up with my very own Eleaf, juice to vape with, and it’s an awesome set up. If you’re thinking of quitting visit the Vapor Haus! I threw my last 5 cigs I had in a box on the wall and haven’t smoked a cigarette since that day. I’ve quit before (when I moved to Florida), but it was miserable and the second I could smoke again (after deciding to move back to Ohio) I started again. I’ve smoked since I was 15 so the thought of quitting and meaning it is slightly scary, but I’ve got a pretty cool hook up.

I wish more people were like these guys. Chill, friendly, helpful, and they’re all really smart and level headed. Favorite things I know about them so far? Randall knows taxidermy and can build neat things. Phrank just got his first tattoo and even though I heard he was a baby about it, he’s going big. And SB is the friendliest of them all. He invited me to a Halloween party at his house and I never once felt left out. Sitting alone at a bar brought these guys to me, and I hope they stick around. Let’s all raise a glass and cheers these guys for dealing with my dysfunctional ass. 🙂

Moral of the story is to meet new people. Embrace the weird and new things that take you out of your comfort zone. Sometimes you’ll regret it, I’ll be honest about that. But what’s that could happen? And what’s the best? You meet cool guys like I did? Not a bad thing at all.






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