Well… Hey there! I’m Karamazing and I want to bring you sassy stories from my experience of being very single. You might get offend, could laugh a little, and I hope you walk away from this with a fresh perspective.

So a little bit about my life and what has brought me to this blog. I was born an Air Force Brat in Arkansas. My father and mother met in England, got engaged on their one month anniversary, and were married on their one year anniversary. I have an older sister who is my polar opposite. They are conservative in the respects of kids should be seen and not heard, and even as an adult that everyone should be calm…cool…collected. Unfortunately for them (luckily for me) I am the Black Sheep. I’m loud, obnoxious, and I don’t know a stranger. It’s fun though and works for me. I have been and always will be this way.

I’ve lived in Florida and worked in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I currently reside in (basically) Dayton, Ohio. Better known as the 937, or known for The Devil wears Prada (band, not movie), Esther Price Candy, The Wright Brothers, and University of Dayton basketball. (Most of those don’t interest me, but come on… What else is there here?)

Now to the fun stuff… This blog is brought to you by whiskey, awkward pick up lines, and awesome encounters with the strange and unusual. I have yet to find a blog that is solely dedicated to all things being lonely. I want to bring this AMAZING lifestyle to light. So join me in all my adventures of being single and how to deal. But it won’t be just me delivering these stories. I plan on twisting the arm of my friends who have great stories from their past. A lot of my stories will come directly from the bar stool. Currently on 5th street munching on a BLT and sipping a crown and coke.

So what do you say? Ready to party? 😉


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