Way Back Wednesday! *New*

Wednesday is my favorite day. For me, the weekend is when I work the most. Just kidding I work everyday… almost all day. #NoDaysOff. But I want to add an extra boost to our Wednesday weekday! So I’m bringing you Way Back Wednesday…

Pour yourself a drink (or shot) and check out the Sassy Stories that are brought to you by the number 5 and letter W. These are stories that I’m pulling from the depths of my alcohol influenced membranes of this brain. Every find yourself sitting with your friends and saying “Remember that one time when we were out and…”? Well that’s what Way Back Wednesday is.

This is the day of the week where we will share all things awful, awkward, and down right hilarious. Of course when you relive these moments it turns into a “You just had to be there” but I’ll do my best to recreate my drunken nights so that you felt like you were there!

Have a goofy tale from way back when? AWESOME! Share that shit, I’d love to read about your experiences too!!

(Ain’t that the truth…)


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